Facebook Advertising: Expert Insight Paid Ad vs Boosted Post

paid ad vs boosted post

We often get new clients telling us, ‘I’ve done Facebook Advertising before, it doesn’t work’. Then we ask, ‘Did you boost a post?’, the answer is often ‘yes’. Then we explain the differences between proper Facebook advertising and boosted posts…While both are used to enhance reach and engagement on social media platforms, they serve different purposes and offer unique advantages.

1. Definition and Purpose:

A boosted post is essentially a social media post, ones already been posted on Facebook or Instagram, that a business pays to reach a wider audience. The primary aim is to increase the post’s visibility among users, including those who do not follow the page. In contrast, a paid Facebook advertisement is a more complex and customisable approach to marketing. It involves creating a campaign and ad visual from scratch, tailored specifically for targeted audiences and objectives.

2. Customisation and Targeting:

One of the key differences lies in the level of customisation. Boosted posts offer limited targeting options, such as age, gender, and location. However, they lack the advanced targeting features of paid Facebook advertisements, which include detailed demographics, interests, behaviours, and even retargeting capabilities. Paid ads provide a comprehensive suite of customisation tools, allowing businesses to refine their audience to a precise segment.

3. Objective and Strategy:

Boosted posts are often used for simple objectives like increasing post engagement or page likes. Their ease of use makes them a quick solution for broader visibility. On the other hand, paid ads are part of a more intricate strategy. They are designed with specific goals in mind, such as lead generation, website traffic, or conversions. The ability to set up a conversion tracking pixel in paid ads is a significant advantage, enabling businesses to measure the effectiveness of their campaign in real-time.

4. Budget and Spending Control:

While both options offer budget control, paid ads provide a more granular level of budget allocation. Businesses can set daily or lifetime budgets, bid for ad placements, and adjust spending based on the performance of the ad. This level of control is particularly beneficial for optimising ad spend and achieving a better return on investment.

5. Benefits of a Properly Set Up Paid Ad Campaign:

A well-structured paid ad campaign offers several benefits. It enables businesses to reach a highly targeted audience, leading to improved engagement and conversion rates. The flexibility in ad formats – from carousel ads to video ads – allows for creative and compelling storytelling. Furthermore, the extensive analytics and reporting tools help in fine-tuning the campaign for optimal performance. This level of sophistication and control is not achievable with boosted posts.

While boosted posts are an excellent tool for quick and simple visibility boosts, paid Facebook advertisements offer a far more strategic and targeted approach to digital marketing. Understanding these differences and leveraging them effectively can significantly impact a business’s online presence and marketing success – contact us to learn more about our paid advertising services.

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